Seamless Remote Work

25 May 2021

We’ve known that remote work has been on the horizon for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave everyone a hard shove into the work-from-home lifestyle. Now that we’re starting to recover a bit, it’s clear that many employees want to stay home, and businesses want to avoid the hefty costs of keeping offices open.

Even if moving your staff to full-time remote work isn’t on the table, having a remote work software suite can deliver massive payoffs. Take a second and think of the companies that were “remote ready" in March 2020. Some companies only had to flip the metaphorical switch and send out a mass email telling staff to stay home.

Choose Flexible Tech  

Remote work offers a unique combination of benefits including raised morale and higher retention rates. So why didn't we all welcome remote work sooner? Companies reasonably were worried that working from home would come with security issues, kill collaboration, and cause communication struggles. In comes tech to solve the working world’s problems.

Now, there’s the issue of being overwhelmed with different tech tools and software that claim to be the key to making remote work, well, work. There cannot be one solution. But there are software suites that offer an array of tools and systems to keep your teams running.

We’re pretty lucky that Zoho has an entirely cloud-based remote system that ensures your team can always access the information and systems they need to get things done. You know, as long as they have internet access.

Zoho knows that you have concerns too. Yeah, your employees can get the information they need, but are they really going to work? Seamless reporting helps leaders know that teams are on track with sales goals and other performance metrics.  

Worried about choosing the right combination of Zoho systems? Take a breath because Zoho already solved that problem. Zoho Remotely allows your office to function from anywhere with a winning combination of their best remote work apps.

Zoho keeps going. They connect with nearly all the other apps you need to keep your team working, such as:

  • Lucidchart
  • Asana
  • Google Drive
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • And more.

If you have apps that you already love, chances are you can integrate them with Zoho while cleaning out the apps and processes that are weighing you down.

Enable Your Employees, Support Your Business

Because of built-in analytics, Zoho CRM can measure and manage metrics across all of your business operations. Give your sales team powerful tools with one clear path for customer handling in the CRM. Automate escalations to protect customers and support staff while standardizing approval systems to reduce bottlenecks.

Meanwhile, leaders can use customizable dashboards to track team progress, who is landing the most sales, and which campaigns have the most leads.

Need More Than a CRM? We Thought You Might.  

Remote work software solutions often focus on the CRM to protect the customers' best interest. But, what about everyone else? Don't worry. Zoho has over 45 applications in their suite, and unlike other unnamed software providers, these applications actually integrate beautifully. It's the software suite with apps that know how to work as a team.

So, what do you need to know about Zoho and its many apps?

  • You can set up the suite in 50% less than the average industry implementation time.
  • Zoho People lets companies check that employees are at work-approved locations.
  • Companies can protect data and work culture by limiting staff to only using their “remote work” computer. No unauthorized sign-ins on other devices.
  • You can protect data cleanliness with validation rules and prevent inaccurate data inputs.
  • Zoho Cliq allows everyone to have real-time conversations and keeps information sharing fluid.

It doesn't matter if your top talent wants to move across the country or if you need to work while you're on the go. Leaders and staff can collaborate and crush it without being in the same physical space.   

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-Off you go! Your horizon awaits.