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You’ve fallen hard for Zoho One (like we knew you would). If you’re the person who rejoices while passing everyone from the HOV lane or taking the shorter line at Disney, our implementation service is going to be your favorite “fast pass”.

Our team of experts gets Zoho One up and running without issue. It’s our superpower.

Woggle Covers Zoho One Implementation So You Can Focus On Your Superpower–Running Your Business.


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Have more success and less worry with Woggle’s 
done-for-you Zoho Implementation.

Zoho Custom Functions

A customized CRM that is flexible!

Zoho allows you to set up user-friendly custom functions without having to get past the ominous red tape of inflexibility. Custom buttons and Related lists are just two of the superpowers Zoho makes available to business owners like you.

We get it. You have an empire to run. Our Zoho experts can help your team walk through the custom functions that will be best for your goals. Then, we’ll get you set up for success while you thrive in your zone of genius.

Zoho Custom Workflows

Go with the (custom) workflow!

“Work smarter, not harder.” We’re sure an ancient Greek philosopher said this at some point. When you’re saving time on the backend with automated workflows, you’re getting more valuable time to deliver exceptional work and provide exceptional client satisfaction. Here’s where Zoho comes in.

Our Woggle Zoho “know it alls” (that’s our official title) is passionate about seeing your business succeed. We’ll get your automations set up so you can focus on the work you are passionate about.

FAQs about Woggle’s Zoho Implementation services, 
tricks of the trade, and creating a streamlined business

I want to work with you. What’s next?
Great! We can’t wait to meet you!

Go ahead and book your free consultation here. During that time, we will work with you to understand your business needs, integrations that will be most beneficial, and your overarching business goals. From there, we draw up a detailed plan of exactly how we will get you from point A to B. You sit back and relax and we’ll get to work building out Zoho One to its perfection!
Does Zoho integrate with third-party apps?
Yeah, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many! During our consultation, we can discuss which apps you’re using in your daily work and how Zoho will work in sync with them. It’s a beautiful thing!
What if I need support along the way? How do you bill for support hours?
We’re not your average consultation gig. We’re a small, yet mighty team that genuinely cares about your success. You will have access to our team for questions, troubleshooting, and even a few dad jokes (our most popular request) during our contract time. We’re excited to work with you! When it comes to billing, simply pick the number of hours you believe you’ll need in a month and we’ll invoice you. Unused hours roll over to the next month.
Will your team help decide which Zoho Custom Functions work for us? It sounds complicated!
Yes, of course! We don’t expect you to show up with an action plan. We’ll hear you out, learn more about your business, and see where the data leads! Custom functions are, well, custom, which means we can get you set up for your business’s unique needs.
What are the benefits of a customized workflow?
In a nutshell, Zoho custom workflows equip your team to save time and your business to save money. What’s not to love? Zoho allows workflows for everyday tasks like payment, project approval, and more!

Are we a good fit?

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