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In short, a woggle is a type of knot!

The humble woggle is simple and strong. It serves the primary purpose of marking a ship wheel’s “king spoke”

The “king spoke” looks like all other spokes on a ship’s wheel but there’s a crucial difference — it marks the top and guides the pilot to quickly identify the direction they’re headed.

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Jed Thomas


Combining his education in psychology with a solid hospitality background, Jed understands how people work — and how great processes help them work better.

With his one-on-one methodology, he dives deep to discover new and unexpected ways to simplify your processes. Jed curates custom software suites so you can succeed and grow without the software bloat from one-size-fits-all solutions.

After moving to Maine to run a BnB for Lark Hotels, he rose in the ranks to become the regional manager for the northern New England area. Now, Jed uses his management knowledge and customer-centric methods to help businesses succeed and grow.

Jed works alongside Jessica Ferguson and his three permanent feline interns, Malcom, Kiwi, and Roux.
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Jessica Ferguson


Jessica Ferguson is the Director of Inspiration at Woggle consulting. Jessica has an eye for process design — and that means she can spot the gaps and potential boosts that no one else sees. She’s focused on showing your business new ways to work so efficiently it won’t feel like work.

Working Off Broadway for five years as a theatrical electrician, and running the lights for complicated shows like “Sleep No More”, Jessica learned to come up with new processes and solutions — and fast. As they say, “The show must go on.”

After her run Off Broadway, Jessica moved to Maine with her husband to run the very same BnB that Jed Thomas was managing at the time. The rest is Woggle history.

Jessica is the creative spark behind Woggles process design. Jessica works alongside Cinder (executive office pup / creative partner) Ren (executive office kitty / process critic) and Oliver (toddler-in-charge).
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