Marketing Guidance and Support

Get Specific and Get Results

There are a lot of marketing trends, best practices, and theories floating around. Our marketing experts are here to help you simplify your marketing approach so it throws a solid punch and hits your target every time.

We help your business stand out by digging into the marketing strategy that is best for you!

Win over your ideal customer with Woggle's expertly strategized and executed marketing services.


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Digital Marketing

We help you build an effective online presence.

Everyone everywhere are doing everything online. Well, almost! The digital world will only continue to expand.

A strong digital marketing strategy equips your company with brand awareness (people know who you are), brand identity (people know what you offer), and ultimately, brand loyalty (people know why you’re the best choice). Successful digital marketing isn’t about creating busy work, it’s about creating opportunities for connection between you and your ideal client.

Are you ready to build something sustainable?

Strategic Marketing Plans

We build marketing plans that work.

Are you overwhelmed with marketing your business? Turns out we know a thing or two about getting your business into the spotlight it deserves. We’re here to bring some calm to a competitive online space with algorithms and ever-changing “best practices”. We’ll help you choose the best buckets to pour your marketing efforts into. Then, we get your digital marketing strategy up and running.

Don’t waste time circling “what ifs”. Let’s get leads rolling in!
Business Solutions

Support in Existing Marketing Efforts

Get more power behind your marketing goals.

Have you been making baby steps in your marketing efforts? Our marketing team will provide an objective point of view and more support for your strategy. What is marketing without a marketing team, anyway?

Together, we’ll divide and conquer the plans you already have in place. With our team’s support, you can focus on the areas of your business that need your attention most.

Disclaimer: we certainly celebrate baby steps around here, too!

FAQs about Woggle’s marketing services, support, and creating an effective online presence.

I still want some control over my marketing efforts. Is that cool with you guys?
Absolutely! Our marketing services are collaborative in nature. When it comes to an excellent marketing strategy, we’re believers that an open line of communication is essential. We’ll work closely as a team, check in regularly, and gauge how our efforts are performing along the way. We will never ghost you or launch a marketing campaign without your approval. It’s a great duo–like peanut butter and jelly.
I’ve hired help with marketing in the past and have been disappointed. What makes working with Woggle different?
We like you already. Woggle understands that small to mid-sized businesses sometimes have more conservative resources (i.e. time and money). We’re not here to waste either. Working with our team of experts will be straightforward, efficient, and incredibly personalized. We’re here to see each individual client hit their goals. We won’t put you in a box and sure won’t charge you for said box.
Am I obligated to implement the marketing strategy you create?
With ever-changing algorithms, staff overturn, unforeseen circumstances, and the universe being unpredictable, we get that the only thing constant is change. Because we’re a collaborative bunch over here, we’re passionate about open communication. If you don’t agree with our expert guidance in an area, simply speak up. No obligatory posting on LinkedIn, website redesign, or email campaign is needed. Together, we’ll get the job (well) done!
I have a fairly strong marketing strategy but need help perfecting it. Can you help fill in the gaps?
Yes, of course. We’re here to see what you have implemented, take a look at the data, and give you guidance in the areas we think your strategy could use some sprucing up. Whether you’re building a strategy from the ground up, or simply need a hand with hitting your target, we’re here!
How is working with Woggle different from a DIY approach?
Working with us will save you time. Taking a DIY approach to your marketing strategy puts you at risk of losing momentum (shooting arrows in the dark and hoping you hit your target audience). Working with our team will provide you with objective feedback, data-driven results, a collaborative experience, and a marketing strategy that meets your target audience where they are–every time.

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