Consider the RingCentral App your fairy godmother of communication.

Plot twist–you’ll be hanging around RingCentral without caring if you make it to the ball. No need to worry about those designer glass slippers or if you’ll make it home by midnight.

When you can communicate with your team from anywhere–any way you choose–and all from one app, you’ve officially “arrived”. 

Please note: RingCentral App apparently doesn’t keep you from stretching a metaphor too thin.

Now, onto the perks of this awesome app!

Increase Productivity with RingCentral App

Teams are an ecosystem in themselves. Typically, they consist of like-minded people who have similar goals, vastly different roles, and unique ways of working to get the job done. Your business may have a preferred way of chatting through project management, but we’re super fans of RingCentral’s App because it allows us to do our jobs better.

Here’s how!

We’re in sync (NSYNC on Casual Fridays). Communication is key when keeping a project rolling. How many projects have you dropped the ball on because important details fell through the cracks? We’ve been there, too. Keeping team communication in one spot is 100% guaranteed to boost team efficiency. 

Automatic status updates. RingCentral automatically lets your team know when you’re unavailable or in a meeting. Consider this the virtual variation of a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle. Small, frequent interruptions during your workday may be costing your project time and money.

Celebrate flexibility! If your team is spread across time zones or all share a cubicle pod, you need an app that will give you flex space. Ring Central allows your team to stay in touch and share files seamlessly. 

Use the app to meet via:

These three reasons alone are enough to make us rave (raving fans, not 90s raves). There’s more to love than just the productivity perks. 

RingCentral App
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RingCentral is a Life Hack for Project Management

Did you get the link I sent?

You sent a link?

I sent a link.

To me?


*The first Monday email of all time.

RingCentral App
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Share files: RingCentral App allows you to share files with your team during meetings without glitches, screens blocking the chat window, etc. Basically, this app allows your team to collaborate in real-time without losing time and focus on minimizing screens, switching platforms, and just making a mess of things.

Switch to mobile: Managing a team doesn’t have to be confined to your office desk. We love that RingCentral App makes it easy to switch from desktop to mobile for meetings and phone calls. If your laptop is running out of battery, you can effortlessly switch screens without interrupting the meeting. The folks at RingCentral also did project managers a favor by making scheduling meetings as easy as one click of a button.

Compatible with Google and Office: It’s amazing how much time RingCentral App saves our team and our clients. Having one platform for team and client meetings means we have data, important information, and upcoming events all in one hub when it comes to communications. It integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365 which is a perk!

Find what you need: Keyword search is robust in RingCentral, too! If you “drop” something within RingCentral, it’s not far from the surface. Being able to search meetings, files, and contacts within the app without fail is always a win for our team, too!

RingCentral Rules the Modern-Day Client Call

You either love client calls or hate them.

You’re either pacing before a meeting or sipping your coffee while exhibiting signs of superhuman chill.

There is no in-between.

Thankfully, we aren’t afraid of a client call or two because our clients are the best (and RingCentral makes client calls less scary). 

Here’s what we have experienced and appreciated about RingCentral App:

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Before You Go

RingCentral App helps teams keep their s*&%! Together when it comes to collaborating and having crystal clear communication (pun intended because…HD). 

Use the app to meet via:

Remember, the app is full of essentials for project managers:

We’re big fans of RingCentral and how they’ve done a solid job of keeping our team on the same page. Clients share their experiences with us all the time and RingCentral App always gets kudos for their easy-to-use app. Want to check it out for yourself? Request a quote here.

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We’ve known that remote work has been on the horizon for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave everyone a hard shove into the work-from-home lifestyle. Now that we’re starting to recover a bit, it’s clear that many employees want to stay home, and businesses want to avoid the hefty costs of keeping offices open.

Even if moving your staff to full-time remote work isn’t on the table, having a remote work software suite can deliver massive payoffs. Take a second and think of the companies that were “remote ready" in March 2020. Some companies only had to flip the metaphorical switch and send out a mass email telling staff to stay home.

Choose Flexible Tech  

Remote work offers a unique combination of benefits including raised morale and higher retention rates. So why didn't we all welcome remote work sooner? Companies reasonably were worried that working from home would come with security issues, kill collaboration, and cause communication struggles. In comes tech to solve the working world’s problems.

Now, there’s the issue of being overwhelmed with different tech tools and software that claim to be the key to making remote work, well, work. There cannot be one solution. But there are software suites that offer an array of tools and systems to keep your teams running.

We’re pretty lucky that Zoho has an entirely cloud-based remote system that ensures your team can always access the information and systems they need to get things done. You know, as long as they have internet access.

Zoho knows that you have concerns too. Yeah, your employees can get the information they need, but are they really going to work? Seamless reporting helps leaders know that teams are on track with sales goals and other performance metrics.  

Worried about choosing the right combination of Zoho systems? Take a breath because Zoho already solved that problem. Zoho Remotely allows your office to function from anywhere with a winning combination of their best remote work apps.

Zoho keeps going. They connect with nearly all the other apps you need to keep your team working, such as:

  • Lucidchart
  • Asana
  • Google Drive
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • And more.

If you have apps that you already love, chances are you can integrate them with Zoho while cleaning out the apps and processes that are weighing you down.

Enable Your Employees, Support Your Business

Because of built-in analytics, Zoho CRM can measure and manage metrics across all of your business operations. Give your sales team powerful tools with one clear path for customer handling in the CRM. Automate escalations to protect customers and support staff while standardizing approval systems to reduce bottlenecks.

Meanwhile, leaders can use customizable dashboards to track team progress, who is landing the most sales, and which campaigns have the most leads.

Need More Than a CRM? We Thought You Might.  

Remote work software solutions often focus on the CRM to protect the customers' best interest. But, what about everyone else? Don't worry. Zoho has over 45 applications in their suite, and unlike other unnamed software providers, these applications actually integrate beautifully. It's the software suite with apps that know how to work as a team.

So, what do you need to know about Zoho and its many apps?

It doesn't matter if your top talent wants to move across the country or if you need to work while you're on the go. Leaders and staff can collaborate and crush it without being in the same physical space.   

Interested in setting up your company for remote working?  We'd love to chat with you.  

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-Off you go! Your horizon awaits.

How often have you silenced a phone call from a bogus phone number? Or felt the irritation of hanging up after answering a call to get a voice recording or complete silence? Remember the days when you could slam a phone onto a receiver? 

“Hailing frequencies open, sir.” 

Now our phone frustrations just build-up, and it’s caused a huge issue for businesses. People today don’t want to answer calls, and they abandon calls quickly even if they dialed in!

The common reason behind this is that people simply aren’t willing to wait to speak with a real person. On the other side of the phone, or headset, an employee is trying to do their job. Employees struggle to reach people or access information quickly enough to reduce the chance of a dropped call. It even happens in the office - one ring and then *click* before you can even pick up the phone! 

Telephony is the starting point to resolving these issues. 

What is Telephony?

The stuffy answer is, Telephony is a business service which facilitates electronic communication transmissions. But Lieutenant Commander Uhura would put it simply as, “Hailing frequencies open, sir.” 

For businesses, implementing a telephony cloud-based phone system can enable you to access high-quality:

All that sounds great, but let’s talk about the big-ticket item. With a telephony system, you can promise customers a reliable contact center. 


How Do Telephony Cloud-Based Phone Systems Work?

Using a Telephony system means you can call people right from your computer, and everything happens through a cloud-based service. It’s safe, secure, reliable, and always convenient - that’s why we like it, anyway. 

But there are bonuses to calling from your computer that can make your day-to-day life easier. Who would say no to that? You can integrate a telephony system with your CRM. Imagine a world where customer service agents know who is calling before they take the call. Except that’s not even the end of it, the agent receives a link and the matching record in the CRM, so they have all the customer’s history of interactions and more. 

Use Telephony Tech to Collaborate from Anywhere

At Woggle Consulting, our favorite telephony tech is RingCentral. They’re one of the top telephony options available, whether you’re making calls down the block or across international borders. They focus on bringing together teams and improving customer communications. 

ringcentral partner logo

Our staff help businesses optimize, maximize, and scale with business solutions, and telephony does just that. It’s secure, often has hundreds of available integrations, and is easily scalable, unlike phone service solutions of the past. 

-Off you go! Your horizon awaits.