Mastering Social Media

5 July 2023

An active social media presence is vital for your business’ success.

You likely use at least one social media platform. If you’re not a Facebook fan, you’re probably on LinkedIn networking with other business owners. Maybe you’re obsessed with TikTok and mindlessly scroll on lunch breaks. The truth is, your ideal clients also hang out on social media whether it’s for work or buying some time waiting for their tires to be rotated.

The sheer volume of social media users puts your business at a disadvantage if you’re not showing up where your dream client or customer is.

Let’s check the stats from SproutSocial.

  • In 2023, there are estimated to be 4.89 billion total social media users worldwide.
  • The average person bounces between seven different social networks per month.
  • The amount of time internet users spend on social media is now higher than ever — 151 minutes per day.

Now, if you’re like us—those astronomical numbers can feel overwhelming. With nearly 5 billion users (yes, BILLION!), where do you even start making a dent in reach?

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Mastering Social Media 8

Here’s an unpopular opinion: start anywhere—somewhere—and do it imperfectly.

The biggest challenge with social media is to nail down consistency and then, check the data to pivot where your ideal client is. We’re going to unpack a few of our tips and tricks with our marketing partners at Lucent Creative to help you get out of an uninspired rut when it comes to social media.

Social Media Tip: Start Small

Pace yourself as a business. 

The thing your ideal client is most drawn to is consistency. Here are a few tips to get your social media strategy working for you:

  1. Choose one or two platforms to focus on for three months. You’ll need this time to assess the data to see what’s “sticking” with your audience.
  1. Be aware of trends, but also–beware of trends. Trending audio for an Instagram reel may get your content seen, but it may not bring you paying clients. 
  2. Be consistent. Post regularly and give your audience an idea of what to expect from your brand. For example, educating readers on your product or service every Thursday will speak to those “on the fence” about committing to a purchase.

Remember, the goal isn’t to conquer all of social media—it’s to find your ideal audience and speak directly to them–turning them into loyal customers, of course!

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Social Media Tip: Interact with Your Followers

A business may have 30,000 followers but fail to interact with people commenting with pressing questions. Nurturing warm leads is vital in any sales pipeline. When you think of social media as an opportunity to build rapport with potential customers, you’ll eagerly answer questions.

Not sure how much time to commit to interacting with followers? Here are a few ways our partners at Lucent Creative suggest tackling the task:

  • Allocate 10 minutes at the beginning of each work hour to check in on incoming comments and messages.
  • Turn push notifications on. It doesn’t mean you have to quit what you’re doing to quickly reply to a comment, but it will keep you mindful that it’s a pending task that deserves attention. This will also help you to not overlook any comments that may have gotten lost in the shuffle.
  • Personalize your responses by tagging the commenter. Not only does this help you to make sure they see your reply, but it helps the follower to feel heard.

A bit of “small talk” on social accounts can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to building trust with your audience.

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Social Media Tip: Make it Unique with a Campaign

Here’s where most brands feel pressure. Let’s take a moment to think through this before you create a mental block. Unique doesn’t necessarily mean your brand “outshines” other businesses on social media. The trick here is to create a unique experience for followers. It doesn’t matter how you describe your business—professional, whimsical, approachable, or “pun loving”. 

Campaigns can look like:

  • Creating a unique hashtag for followers/customers to use with your product.
  • Giveaway or contest to create more brand awareness.
  • Humanitarian campaign to support a cause as a brand.

Here are some examples of wildly different businesses creating something uniquely engaging for their audiences.


We all want to be inspired and Nike brought all of the good feels with this campaign. It engages the audience and gives them a clear call to action (tag your friends). 

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This campaign does a great job of helping the audience see alternative ways to use their product. You don’t have to be an avid hiker or skydiver to use a GoPro! 

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The Bespoke Craftsman

A smaller business in San Diego hosted an awesome giveaway—a one-of-a-kind accent wall! This is a great example of how a giveaway can engage your audience while getting more eyes on your product or service.

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Seabourn Cruises

Help potential customers by painting a picture of how your product or service will improve their lives. Storytelling, interviews, and other “social proof” are effective ways to “show and tell” your product.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a realtor, consultant, or aspiring to create Nike 2.0, your business needs a social media presence. Take the overwhelm out of the equation by starting small consistent steps. Get in front of your audience and adjust your social media strategy as the data dictates. 

Are you still feeling apprehensive? Our experts can guide you through the process. Get in touch for a free consultation and we’ll happily lend a hand. 

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