Business Application Suite: Elevate Efficiency

8 September 2021

We have an important topic to discuss: clutter. No, not the type of clutter that lands you on a TV show with giant garbage bins outside your house. We are talking about something even worse: digital clutter.  

How many unread emails are sitting in your inbox? And even more importantly, when was the last time (if ever) you cleaned out that inbox? How many “organization” apps have you downloaded? Are you ignoring any rarely-used apps that take a few bucks from your bank account each month? We know you may have been super triggered by these tough questions- we also definitely know that our inbox does not currently have 1,045 unread emails (insert nervous emoji here).

Sadly, we are not here to help with your inbox issues. We are here, however, to show you the advantages of utilizing a business application suite versus individual applications. 

What is a Business Application Suite?

Business application suite

People utilize all types of software to run their businesses, which can involve a number of individual applications. If you think about everything it takes to run your business successfully, that is a pretty long list. Business application suites combine all types of necessary applications and programs in one place. Having all these aspects of your business (whether your business is small or large) under one umbrella is useful for a variety of reasons. 


An undeniable fact is that every business has unique needs. Dealing with each need individually/manually is not only time-consuming, but limits growth. For instance: billing, payroll and other financial matters are bound to use a specific application or website. Then there’s the huge marketing realm, which could require several programs on its own.  Having a business application suite that integrates all these software solutions into one place increases efficiency and accessibility. 


Business application suites can also improve process automation. Automating tasks so that they don’t constantly need attention leads to more time to focus on everything else. Automation means smoother scalability and the ability to run a bigger operation without getting lost in the weeds. 

What can even be automated?
Zoho One

Business application suites like Zoho One not only make things easier by improving accessibility, but they can automate processes that should be automated. Some examples would be:

  • Finances:  Why handle things like invoices, quotes, and payments when you don’t have to? (Between you and us, the less we have to do the math, the better for everyone.)
  • Lead acquisition: Suites like Zoho One allow your business to generate and collect leads all in one place. They will manage things like contact forms, social media and newsletters to optimize the use of quality leads. Don’t know what a lead is? We’ve got you covered:
  • Business performance: Zoho One specifically will create performance reports and track things like marketing campaigns. They look at customer satisfaction and also take care of Return on Investment (ROI) checks. 

Business Application Suites sound kind of expensive...

Not every business will have the same requirements or use the same tactics. Some businesses will emphasize marketing aspects more than others. Other businesses don’t have a huge staff that constantly communicate with one another. Some have no need for fancy presentations or contract creation. Suites like Zoho One allow customization for instances like this, so business owners won’t have to worry about paying for something they won’t use! 

One thing is for sure, bundling (especially with the option to customize) will more than likely be the most cost-effective option. Paying for necessary programs and applications individually can add up. 

We did some research on popular solutions for everyday business needs. Here’s a list of pricing that we compiled:

Email marketing software: $9.99 a month (increases as the number of contacts increase).

Social media management/automation: $49.00 a month (increases with more accounts)

Team communication: $8.00 a month

Billing/Payment management: $12.50 a month 

This list more than likely does not include all business necessities, but you get the picture. So far we have reached $79.49 a month with mostly standard/basic packages. Zoho One includes all four items listed, along with many other options and costs $45.00 a month ($37.00 a month if you sign up for a year). 

Don’t forget about data protection 

Data Protection and Privacy Policies

Utilizing multiple programs and applications from different companies not only clutters any process, but it puts your data and privacy into the hands of a lot more people. Since it’s all under one company, a business application suite gives you much more control of how your data is being used and stored. One company = one data protection policy. A great thing about Zoho is their transparency about data and privacy policies. They prioritize data security and recognize online security challenges companies face every day. 

Speaking of data security, how do you keep all your passwords organized and easily accessible? Hopefully your answer to this question doesn’t involve making all your passwords “password123”.  Taking some extra steps for better password management (although it may seem insignificant) ultimately leads to better data security. Thankfully Zoho One includes Vault, a safe and convenient feature that manages all those pesky passwords! 

Wrapping Up

Looking to simplify your business routine? Declutter your digital world? Hoping to not be the first person submitted for a digital hoarding show? A business application suite is a great way to accomplish all of these things. Create a more efficient, secure and cost-effective business with just the click of a button.
Our team is here to help answer your questions and get you out of a disorganized rut. Reach out anytime.