Team Issues: Resolving with the Right Platform

15 December 2021

Chances are your work team has its fair share of conflict, problems and miscommunications. It wouldn’t be “work” if everything ran smoothly all the time, now would it?

team conflict

There may seem like there are way too many problems to fix. It also may seem like there are way too many solutions to choose from! 

So, what issues have been causing conflict within your team? If you can quickly answer that question, but are stumped when it comes to the right fix, it’s your lucky day: We’ve rounded up a few common issues and the platforms that can help!

Team Issue #1: Unoptimized Processes

Smooth processes are key to serving your customers. They’re also important in establishing a decent work environment. No one wants to work at a chaotic job where operations are shut down every 5 minutes for an issue that was already fixed three times last week. 

Errors happen. If your company is not working to reduce errors from a process or eliminate certain errors altogether, something is wrong. Continuous improvement is necessary for the success of your business and ultimately employee retention. 

Programs like Zoho Flow can lend some help with workflow. Flow can assist with process automation and project management. Zoho Analytics is another level of double-checking what’s really going on in your business, and providing a further understanding of the problem. Allow Zoho to help you work out the kinks and keep things running smoothly.

Team Issue #2: Bad Onboarding Procedures 

Many things can go wrong when starting a new job. A few examples: A lack of thorough training, a lack of training altogether or receiving different training than your coworkers received. 

african american businessman giving presentation explaining new marketing plan meeting

Onboarding new employees should be consistent and effective. They should be given the tools to assimilate into their new environment and contribute to the team. Additionally, it not only needs to be a smooth transition for the new employee, but a seamless transition for the whole team.

How can businesses keep the onboarding process consistent and efficient without wasting time and resources? Zoho Recruit and Zoho People are applications that assist with Human Resources processes, along with applications that provide learning/training resources. Other options can keep procedures and paperwork all in one accessible place, like Zoho Writer and Zoho Workdrive.

Team Issue #3  A Lack of Open Communication 

Communication issues should probably be at the top of the list...and in the middle..and then maybe reemphasized again later. Our point? Communication is truly the root of many problems (and solutions).  Why not invest in a platform that can make communication more effective? A solution that makes managers more reachable and updates more easily shared? 

One great platform that comes to mind when we think of communication is RingCentral. Video conferencing, team messaging, secure communication- what more could a business need? Connect with coworkers no matter the time zone. Stop disruptions in communication from continuously disrupting workflow!

Team Issue #4: Collaboration Roadblocks

woman making video call laptop

Gone are the days of constant in-person meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions. Thanks to the pandemic, it has become more crucial than ever to have plenty of online resources that enable collaboration. Working remotely should never mean you have to work alone in every aspect!

Platforms like Zoho Sprints make team projects a breeze, creating a board for everyone to easily contribute to and access. Zoho Projects is another great option where the entire team can work on an organized list of tasks and projects.

Zoho Workplace offers additional options, with applications like Zoho Writer, Zoho Cliq, and Zoho Workdrive. It’s a one-stop shop where the entire team can upload information and easily share with their coworkers. 

Team Issue #5: Insufficient Resources/Improper Delegation

Sometimes there’s just not enough manpower behind what needs to be done. Your team may already be stretched too thin. Don’t add on to their to-do list and create more stress over an already tough project! It may be time to hire a freelancer or contractor that specializes in the task at hand. Or maybe your business would benefit from a consultancy (like us) guiding you in the right direction.

An even simpler solution? Utilize a platform that has no issue doing most of the work for you! Shopify is a great example of a platform that takes some weight off your shoulders: why put the time and money into becoming a website expert when Shopify makes it easy to jump right in to the ecommerce scene?