Application Spotlight: Zoho Projects

6 April 2022

As a business owner, many decisions have to be made–not just any old decisions but also informed decisions.

How do you know what the best decision is from limited information? What if you choose something that negatively impacts your business? You are not alone in these entrepreneurial conundrums!

This overwhelm, and self-consciousness is part of what drives us here at Woggle– we want to provide the information that helps guide you toward a business solution that fits your business

As part of our desire to share the best tips and information, we are highlighting a Zoho product today. We love Zoho for many reasons, and we often mention Zoho One and the 40 (plus) applications it has to offer, but today we are taking a deeper dive into Zoho Projects and what it can do for your team!

What is Zoho Projects?

Focused boss communicating with workers

Ah, what an excellent place to start! Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software ready to take on all your team project challenges! (Even though we kind of made it sound like a superhero, we can’t promise you that it will be quite that exciting.)

It may not save people from space creatures and collapsing buildings, but it can improve productivity, increase profitability, and keep things transparent with clients. Not to mention, in this world of growing amounts of remote work, Zoho Projects enables your team to work from anywhere with an internet connection efficiently. There are even applications available for IOS and Android if you need to work from your mobile device!

Who Doesn’t Love Customizable Options?

The word ‘customize’ may mean something different for everyone, but it highlights a key aspect: catering a solution to fit our individual business needs. There’s really not a one size fits all option out there (no matter what other services want you to believe).

Not only can you control the theme/colors and layout, but this project management software allows you to create templates that work for your tasks. It also lets you create tags and customized statuses to help organize your project even further!

Collaboration Made Easy

We don’t deny that several software options are available that enable collaboration efforts. However, Zoho Projects kicks collaboration up several notches.

Like other options, they offer ways to share documents; team members have access to files when and wherever they need them. Additionally, Zoho Projects provides a chat function and a shared feed where contributors can comment, make announcements and step up team communication.

One other incredibly convenient feature is the ability to control items from your email. Yes, everyone can create tasks, report issues, and even upload a document– all from the comfort of their email.

Young collage student using computer and mobile device studying online.

Seamless Integration Inside (and Outside) of Zoho

When you purchase a Zoho product, it rarely limits you to just a particular set of applications. Zoho Projects is no different! You can utilize Projects along with Zoho Books, Invoice, People, and so much more.

Businessman using a digital tablet
No one puts Zoho in the corner– it’s fully willing to play with others! Don’t worry if you can’t accomplish everything within Zoho Projects because it easily integrates with software like Dropbox, Slack, and Microsoft 365. Even better, it easily integrates with Zapier and the 2000 automation applications it has to offer!

Just in Case You Need a Little Help

There are virtually endless resources with every Zoho product to help you get through the speedbumps. Zoho Projects has a Tips and Tricks section that comes in handy. It also has videos, webinars, and forums to help your business take advantage of the software. If you hate buying a product or service, Zoho may be an excellent fit for you!

Show Us the Money

You pay 5 dollars a month for their premium subscription per user. You can also pay for client users, which will help keep transparency with your clients at a level they will certainly appreciate!

So, Zoho Projects is one of the most cost-effective options. For 15 team members, it will cost you around $307 dollars monthly to use Asana. It will cost you around $900 dollars annually to utilize for ten users.

Check out the price comparisons for yourself, but Zoho is winning this battle so far!

We Have Shown You the Zoho Way (Sorry it Doesn’t Involve Light Sabers)

If we haven’t converted you into a full-blown Zoho fan, we hope this spotlight at least presents a few key factors to consider.
It is worth putting in the time and effort to make the best purchases for your business. Got more questions? Schedule a free consult with us today to get them answered!