Zoho Creator: Empowering Your Business

19 May 2022

Let’s be realistic: Business owners cannot possibly be experts on everything. It may seem cheaper to wear all the hats, but ultimately time-consuming and unsustainable. 

That’s where Zoho and its myriad of solutions come into play– access the help your business needs and free up valuable time to focus on other things. One of our favorite business solutions? Zoho Creator!

Curious what the magic of Zoho Creator has to offer a savvy business owner like you? We’d love to tell you!

What is Zoho Creator? 

Zoho Creator is a straightforward and reasonably priced way to create custom applications for your business. No coding background? No problem! Lacking years of IT troubleshooting experience? Zoho has you covered. 

It can take tons of time and research to find an appropriate solution, and the application may still not cover all the necessities. Or even worse, you are paying for extra features you will never use.  Zoho Creator enables you to custom-build a solution that truly fits your business needs instead of settling for something just okay. 

You can build what you need and insert it just about anywhere online, from websites to email campaigns. Zoho Creator will help create an application that collects and organizes whatever data matters to your business. Contact information, inventory, purchase tracking– you name it, Zoho Creator can build something for it.

Let’s look at some more benefits of trying out Zoho Creator!

zoho creator
Zoho Creator: Empowering Your Business 4

It’s Easy to Use

We say this about every Zoho product because it’s not only important, but it’s so true! All of Zoho’s features are user-friendly and incredibly straightforward. They structure things so that instead of having to find an expert, you become the expert!

Zoho Creator makes custom applications attainable for everyone, despite your training or certifications. It’s super quick and easy to import data, and it even integrates with over 500 commonly-used third-party applications like Shopify and PayPal. It also integrates with all of Zoho’s other products. 

Once you create your great new application, you can access it anywhere, anytime. You won’t be limited to a desktop to update data– you and all other designated users can log in on mobile devices!

Embrace the Simplicity

Listen, your IT department has enough on its plate. Whether that department is one person, ten people, or completely nonexistent, there’s a never-ending to-do list in this digital age.

Building your applications through Zoho’s cloud-based software means one less call to IT. Easily make updates and additions through your Creator account. Zoho’s attentive customer service and helpful troubleshooting resources are always available to help when you run into an issue. 

Are you overwhelmed by the 38 different types of data fields? Confused about what option would be best for what you need? Don’t worry– Zoho Creator has templates to make your life easier (you won’t be stuck building everything from scratch). They also have user guides based on business size, niche, and your role in the company if you really don’t know where to start!

zoho creator
Zoho Creator: Empowering Your Business 5

Effectively Manage Data

Data can be overwhelming, and the only way to consistently improve your business is through effective data analysis. But what comes after collecting and analyzing that data? Where does it go? How much sits unused?

Data needs to be reported and easily visualized. Zoho Creator’s Reports and Pages features provide detailed reporting with great visuals of complex data. Don’t worry about sifting through spreadsheet after spreadsheet– Zoho Creator will create concise and colorful graphics and charts to display information!

PS: It’s 2022, so we can’t afford to skip over an important topic like data security! Like all of Zoho’s products, Zoho Creator takes data privacy and protection very seriously. They even give you complete control over what other users have access to your applications. Rest assured that your data is in good hands as you explore new business solutions!

Automate, Automate, Automate

Have we mentioned that we love automation? Jump into the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality with Zoho Creator! Being a business owner is busy and stressful– automate some processes and lessen your load!

With Zoho Creator, you have the option to build an application with control actions that will trigger a workflow. So when a customer takes a specific action, you can set your application to automatically redirect them to another page or send confirmation emails and appointment reminders. There’s something you can automate within your business, and Zoho Creator is the perfect place to experiment!

zoho creator
Zoho Creator: Empowering Your Business 6

Not-so-scary Price Point

Last (and certainly not least), we feel the need to hit on Zoho Creator’s accessible price point. Like with any Zoho Product, there’s a free trial. The free plan is also a great option if you’re not quite ready to jump in with both feet! 

Check out their detailed plan pricing comparisons and figure out the right option for your business!

Wrapping Up

Business owners everywhere seek one thing: Easy to use business solutions at an accessible price point. Zoho offers just that, and Zoho Creator is a great place to start. Try it out. We would love to see what you build!

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