Woggle: Your Zoho Partner

29 March 2021

Why Woggle?

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On our road to becoming Zoho Advanced Partners, we at Woggle Consulting have completed projects of all shapes and sizes. We take the time to learn about you and your business.  We work with you to understand what drives you to do what you do and we take the care and compassion you have for your customers to heart. Together we go through your current systems and help you find areas where automation and process management tools can help streamline the needs of your business while focusing on the needs of your customers. We help you to gather all of the varying pieces of your business like leads, making sales, sending invoices, keeping books, managing your employees and supporting your customers, and intertwine them into a seamless system.  Once done, you will know where you business is and where it is headed.

Great, but what even is a Woggle?

A woggle, or sailor's knot, is a decorative knot made up of a number of interwoven strands forming a closed loop.  It is usually made around a cylinder and primarily used to tighten up any underlying material.  

It was also traditionally tied to the king spoke of a ship's wheel.  The king spoke is upright when the rudder is in the central position.  Knowing where the king spoke is at any given time is essential to making sure that the ship is steering the correct way.  

Woggle Knot

What does that have to do with running a business?

This is much like running a business.  You have dry erase boards, spreadsheets, notepads, and sticky notes holding your company together.  It can feel like a huge jumble of rope all tangled up with no hope of organization in sight.  We take all of those loose strands and help you to weave them into a beautiful knot that keeps the core of your business exactly where you want it, on a steady course to success.