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Zoho Academy is an online educational platform providing a diverse range of courses, webinars, and resources aimed at enhancing skills and knowledge across various domains.
Ignite Your Passion for Learning with Zoho Academy’s Dynamic Courses
Ignite Your Passion for Learning with Zoho Academy’s Dynamic Courses

Ignite Your Passion for Learning 
with Zoho Academy’s Dynamic Courses

Your Key to Success in a Rapidly Evolving Digital Landscape

Zoho Training: Your Comprehensive Resource for Digital Learning & Certifications

Geared towards individuals, businesses, and professionals, Zoho Academy covers topics such as business, technology, marketing, and Zoho product training.

The platform offers both free and certification-based courses, accommodating learners of all levels, including beginners and advanced users.
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Zoho Digital Learning and Certifications
Zoho Academy Frequently Asked Questions
Is Zoho Academy only for Zoho users?
No, Zoho Academy is open to anyone interested in learning. While it provides resources on Zoho products, the platform covers diverse subjects applicable to a wide audience.
Are Zoho Training courses only related to Zoho products?
No, while Zoho Academy does offer courses related to Zoho products, it also covers a broad spectrum of topics, including business, technology, marketing, and more.
Do Zoho Academy courses offer certifications?
Yes, some Zoho Academy courses offer certifications upon successful completion, providing learners with recognized credentials in various areas.
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