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Always on standby
I love Jessica and her team! They are not only experts in their field but put their clients needs first. The biggest take away for me is that no matter the problem, Woggle gives me peace of mind knowing they are there to support a new project or fix an issue at a drop of a hat. What others may take days to fix, the Woggle team comes in with a breath of fresh air and confidence knowing things are done right and swiftly.
Nicole Burkett  |  11 March 2022
Easier and More Fun Than It Should Be
I've needed guidance on setting up my CRM on two different occasions now, and both times I felt listened to with great care, and received the help I needed on a very fast timetable... and we giggled so much during the process it felt more like a good hang than a boring tech procedure. It's made my business so much more streamlined to be able to use these tools without having to invest unnecessary time or money getting set up. I'd recommend to any small business owner or private contractor.
Viva | 10 August 2021
Jed and his team are fabulous
Jed and his team are fabulous. They will help you solve your business problems!
Robert Todd | 26 February 2022
Jessica & Keith are absolutely phenomenal!
Let's talk about a big project! We presented Woggle with a huge undertaking. Once upon a time, we had a great and complex CRM system. However, we started to need a bit more customization than we were getting, the price was way too high for what we were receiving, and ultimately and upon external encouraging we left that system only to be faced and left with one that was even worse (at least it was 10x cheaper though).

We knew we had to find another option. As a proud and often successful DIY-er, I came across Zoho One for our team. Shortly after learning more about it, I realized I was staring at Mt.Everett while my experience only measured up to the base of it. We reached out to several companies and came across Woggle. They helped us build an incredibly complex and multi-application system for us and have been there helping us every step of the way and beyond. So grateful for their expertise and knowledge in this area!
Silvana de Jesus | 03 March 2022
Woggle Consulting - great partner
Woggle Consulting has worked with us on both a retainer and project basis to maintain and grow a repeatable & scalable Zoho CRM Order-to-Cash infrastructure which has enabling us to double our revenues each year for the past three years while maintaining a very lean support team. They are very knowledgeable on Zoho, extremely timely in their response and understand our business model (a rapidly scaling SAAS company) - a great combo of skills for a partner.
Kevin Marinelli  |  02 March 2022
Woggle is 2nd to NONE for Zoho CRM…
Woggle is 2nd to NONE for Zoho CRM customization. Seriously!! I should know. I've tried just about all of the top Zoho partners in the U.S. The conclusion, Jed and his team are far superior. These other Zoho advisors are mostly talk and marketing. Whereas with Woggle, they're getting it done! Much better than talking about it. Fact is, Jed handles Zoho projects like a highly skilled craftsman, taking lots of pride in the details of the project. Think Bob Villa, but for Zoho. Finding a good Zoho developer in the U.S. is rare. So I feel very fortunate to have found Jed Thomas and Woggle Consulting.
Shaun Bull | 26 February 2021
Truly the best!
Truly the best! Jed and his team have deep expertise and are a pleasure to work with
Neal  |  23 February 2022
Articulate, fast, and professional
We were on a very tight deadline and Jed was able to provide a Scope of Work and complete the work within a few days. He is extremely professional and saved us a lot of manual work. We will definitely hire Jed again.
Christina |  24 February 2022
Highly recommend!
They have been instrumental the growth and efficiency of our business. I highly recommend them!
Jen |  24 February 2022
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