Overproof launched in 2008, becoming the first and only full suite of business intelligence and strategic planning solutions for the beverage alcohol industry. Their flagship product, Sixdots, is an allin-one bar and restaurant software solution that provides valuable features for short and long-term operations management. Bar and restaurant owners can use Overproof’s products for digital menu management, ordering and payment processing, back-of-house merchant optimization and accessing brand insights, and more.
“As a start-up, we were in immediate need of a full service software suite that would enable us to structure our business, integrate functions, and optimize work flow from the get-go.”


When Overproof began, it was clear that they needed a full-service software suite to structure the start-up to connect their team, optimize workflows, and grow with them. Start-ups often struggle when they can’t adapt and develop quickly. Overproof’s talented staff of 45 couldn’t risk being weighed down with tedious tasks while waiting to stumble upon the right software.After sifting through seemingly endless online reviews, a large ad in the Miami airport led them to research Zoho. It quickly became one of their top options, but they couldn’t do it alone. Woggle Consulting set a clear and systematic approach to enriching Overproof’s Zoho experience:
Begin with a discovery session.
Audit Overproof’s current Zoho applications and integrations.
Create a customized workflow for the many applications in use.
Through a combination of systems within Zoho’s suite, Overproof knew that they could use Zoho for all their business and administrative needs. However, establishing intricate connections and cross-product integrations is arduous. Overproof uses a large volume of Zoho applications, including:
Sales IQ
This host of applications was exactly what Overproof needed, but they could not make full use of them without professional support. Through Woggle Consulting’s methodical approach and disciplined follow-through, Overproof was able to improve their processes, streamline their Zoho apps, and ensure their systems work as intended.

Woggle Consulting successfully addressed all of Overproof’s Zoho applications and continues to conduct periodic health checks. Overproof and Woggle Consulting regularly work together on an ongoing basis monitoring existing systems, creating new processes, and completing independent projects.
“We’ve come to know Jed and his team
(Woggle Consulting) as highly-effective, displaying a methodical approach and disciplined follow through…
Woggle Consulting is a joy to work with.”

– Jasper Nelissen (COO)

Why Zoho

Overproof narrowed their focus on two mission-critical needs: scalability and endless customization. Ultimately, Overproof opted for Zoho because of these key features:
Easy scalability
Cost-effective for the fast growing company
Diverse library of apps and services to cover all areas of business and administration
“Overproof is very grateful to Woggle Consulting for all they’ve helped us accomplish so far and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

How Woggle Helped

In 2020, Overproof turned to Woggle Consulting to ensure that they achieved the best use out of Zoho’s applications by focusing on automation and integrations. They were still growing rapidly and needed to maximize every element of operations.

The first goal was to create a streamlined sales process. Woggle Consulting and Overproof started on this goal by mapping out the process for executing a successful sale. Then, they built a blueprint within the CRM to ensure that the process went smoothly every time.

Now the CRM guides sales team members through each step ensuring that they gather all necessary information for billing and onboarding.Streamlining the sales process through the CRM enabled

Overproof to have confidence in their sales team and system. Overproof was able to hire staff with strong backgrounds in bartending and serving knowing that their system provided the guidance necessary to help new hires build outstanding sales skills. The sales team at Overproof continues to use this process daily.