NanoImaging Service (NIS) started in 2007 to provide transmission electron microscopy services for life sciences applications. They prided themselves on being a client focused business and had a reputation for reliability. However as their reputation and demand grew, their internal processes, such as client and finance tracking, took second place to the services they provided their customers. They were trying to manage data across different platforms with countless manual processes and duplication of information. With their sights set on growth, they needed a new system.
“We found that Zoho was the most comprehensive, in terms of covering the workflows we wanted to automate (website generation through to accounting) and much more affordable than Salesforce or Microsoft.”


One of the major challenges they had to overcome was there was no legacy system to migrate from. They also needed to standardize their processes before translating them over to Zoho One. This involved:
Assessing lead conversion management for new leads.
Evaluating deal acquisition management.
Building and properly utilizing quote workflows.
Creating branded and informative email and quote templates.
Rebuilding their website in Zoho sites.
Building a marketing campaign system for newsletters and announcements.
“We designed a specification for what we wanted and then started evaluating…

We couldn’t have done it without help.”

Why Zoho

They knew they needed a CRM and data management system in order to serve their clients better. They needed a system that would:
Be highly customizable for their unique industry.
Integrate seamlessly with their current systems and email platform.
Integrate seamlessly with their current systems and email platform.
Map the entire customer journey from lead management to client relationships.
Provide data insights for better business management.
With their services still in high demand, they looked for someone who could help them make the switch.
They found Woggle Consulting

How Woggle Helped

Woggle Consulting worked with NIS and within 60 days helped them to use Zoho CRM on a daily basis. Further implementation of Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Books, Zoho Forms, Zoho Sites, Zoho Projects, and other Zoho applications was completed between 90 – 120 days and is still ongoing as they find more uses for Zoho’s suite of applications.

Woggle continues to work with NIS every step of the way. By moving systems and processes to Zoho One, NIS has been able to streamline their workflow management, track the customer journey, and gather visible data on their daily operations. They are poised to scale their company operations as they continue to grow.
“Zoho and Woggle have gotten us to where we wanted to be and has a lot more potential to go further.”

– Ben Schenker (CCO)